Can your work make you somebody you're not?

Can your work make you somebody you’re not?

Studio Production Performance - September 2017

Our environments cause change within us. Our families, our friends, our communities – those things, people, attitudes, energies and feelings that surround us.

Accepting the notion that who we are as individuals is not a finite destination – but an evolution. We are dynamic – we have hundreds of responses to things every day of our lives – and each of those responses is a new piece of information which contributes to our evolution, bringing us to this point in time. In turn, today’s experiences will contribute to who we are tomorrow – and so it goes on...

Work makes up a significant portion of our time – our lives. The environment of work, with your colleagues, deadlines, targets, culture, KPI’s, tensions, competition, ambition, successes, failures... all of these things play their part in our evolution – in the organic change that occurs as we grow and learn – for better or worse. Watch a child in kindergarten adapting to their environment. Leaving their mother’s hand as they venture into the unknown and the unfamiliar. Noises – stimulation – new faces… then watch them adapt – watch them cope.

Every morning we leave our mothers grasp – perhaps not literally – but in the shape of our family and familiar surrounds. Then we step out into the world of our lives with the same mechanisms of coping and fitting in that we did all those years ago in kindergarten.

Avoiding the “big bad wolf” in the playground may now be a game of chase with your deadlines or your boss. Finger painting has become getting a presentation ready for 3pm. That bully who stole your sandwich is now an ambitious colleague ready to trample on you to be first in line for the promotion. The child came home slightly different after that day in kindergarten – and today – so will we.

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