Darlo Drama joining forces with Sydney Community College

Darlo Drama joining forces with Sydney Community College

Darlo is proud to be partnering with Sydney Community College in Rozelle to expand the reach of some of our classes, including ‘The Scene’, and ‘The Story’.

SCC has been offering practical learning experiences to the Sydney community since 1986, and also serves the community through disability supported learning and job-ready refugee programs. Darlo Drama has been offering its courses since 1992. Both have missions and visions of bringing the best out of their students, and facilitating them to tap into their best creative selves.

Sabrina Saada from Sydney Community College’s Programming Team said the partnership was something that promised to bring together the best of what both institutions had to offer.

“We are excited to collaborate with Darlo Drama and together we are offering our Sydneysiders fun, practical and short acting classes.”

As one student said: “It was a relaxing atmosphere, and we were being taught actual skills!”

Glen Hamilton, Darlo Drama’s director of corporate services has welcomed the partnership.

“Our partnership with Sydney Community College is an exciting step in building a synergy with this respected and trusted organisation and to celebrate our shared values among a new audience of busy people with a passion for ongoing education and personal development,” he said.

“Darlo Drama has a 30-year history of introducing people from all walks of life to the world of beginners acting. Our core ethos of building community through confidence and creativity is now growing to connect to new people and to broaden our large Darlo Drama family.”

Among the Darlo courses that SCC will be partnering on are:

Level One Beginners Acting - The Monologue: Learn to perform a monologue taken from a modern play to an audience of family, friends & fellow students on the stage. The course offers a gentle start, allowing a safe place for play and exploration with fun acting and drama games, trust exercises and improvisation. Students are eased into the process as they find greater confidence in self expression and a sense of play and exploration. They learn techniques to assist with presenting in front of a group, working through ‘stage fright’ and connecting to an audience will develop communication skills.

The Scene: an investigation into naturalistic acting & drama techniques that will make your performances more convincing. Explore theatre and acting techniques through drama games and improvisation exercises, with participants eventually working with a scene partner to find out what happens on stage when someone talks back. You’ll learn to perform with energy and confidence, connect to a partner and build a theatrical relationship, understand principles of listening and responding organically, plus a number of other skills.

The Story: this course is a ‘stepping stone’ of sorts for you to bridge the gap between performing a scene and performing a whole play. It’s designed to help you to play multiple characters, explore a range of scripts and extend your craft. Through producing a series of excerpts from several plays performed to an audience of family, friends and fellow students, this will give you a fundamental understanding of how plays are staged, as well as how to work as part of an ensemble, plus blocking & script analysis.

It’s great that we’re able to combine forces to present these courses to a larger number of potential students, from a greater area of Sydney. We’ve always wanted to untap a world of potential that we know is out there. So this is one step closer to making the dream happen for more people.