Inspiration rarely comes from comfort. Creativity rarely comes from certainty. Stepping into the unknown, the uncharted, the unproven is the essence of finding something new, something fresh. If we seek certainty and safety, then the resulting product will be predictable and conventional. Attaining a form that is somehow regarded as "right", rather than something that challenges and lifts our awareness to a new place of understanding - a new rightness - being fresh and unique.

My point is that in order to create something new we have to tread new paths. Creativity is not the same thing as being wrong; but in order to be creative, we have to risk being wrong. We must disenthrall ourselves from the notion of being accurate - being right and in order to do this requires risk.

Neuro-biologically we are wired to calculate risk and act - or not act - according to that level of risk. So the simplest choice, is to operate safely and stick with the conventional and the predictable.

We work with adult beginners in our acting courses and for all of them, the most potent lesson of the course comes from their generous commitment to step into the unknown and to explore and play. It is from this place that confidence and security in ones individuality is borne. To embrace the lesson, we lean gently into the discomfort – and this makes all the difference.

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