Advanced Acting Courses

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Advanced Courses can be booked separately or as a Bulk Purchase. Advanced Courses will provide in-depth training and performance opportunities to extend your acting technique and performance craft.

Working with professional teachers and directors through our suite of courses, masterclasses and performance projects ensures that your advanced course training builds on your skills for both stage and screen performance. Screen acting courses will enable you to adjust your acting for film and television and have a professional showreel to take into the industry with you. At this stage of Darlo Drama you can also audition for the Studio Production and Ensemble Showcase, directed by Industry professionals.

The pathway through the various Advanced Courses is at your own pace and in two strands: performance-based and technique-based.


the play advanced acting class



The main focus of The Play is the rehearsal and performance of a contemporary theatre play, staged in the Darlo Drama In-Houes Theatre across a season of THREE performances. Open to people who have completed Levels One, Two & Three with Darlo Drama or similar courses elsewhere, The Play gives you a fundamental understanding & experience of the processes involved in staging an entire play, from rehearsal & interpretation to performance. Working as an ensemble, blocking & script analysis is also developed in this course under the guidance of your Director. This course can be repeated as each new play uses different scripts each with their unique challenges and learning opportunities.



actors lab advanced acting class



The Actor's Lab will introduce you to a more truthful and personal process of work. You will move away from just "acting" a part, to explore creating the reality of your characters and feeling more honestly & truth in your scenes. By applying specific methodologies you will experience working organically & on impulse, without relying on acting "tricks" or conventions to make your characters appear truthful. You will begin to understand your personal blocks in a safe and nurturing environment, as well as experience ways of working more freely and openly. The height of this experience is realised when you are no longer "acting" a role, but begin "being" in the role. The course concludes in a performance at the Darlo Drama HQ to an invited audience. 



shakespeare advanced acting class



A technique course for advanced students, professionals and actors who have studied elsewhere but are wanting to improve their classical acting skills. Shakespeare demands your voice, heart and mind to be firing together. This course will be an introduction to speaking Shakespeare clearly, connected to your voice, thoughts and emotions. During the course we will be using a series of exercises derived from Patsy Rodenberg's Second Circle, text and voice work. Teacher/Director, Amanda Stephens-Lee,  will help you release your fear of Shakespeare and help you to be fully in the moment and present when on stage. The course concludes in a performance at the Darlo Drama HQ to an invited audience.


In Camera advanced acting class



The In-Camera course is aimed at adjusting and developing your acting skills and technique for television and film. What sets this apart from other camera courses is that as well as the tuition, you will be provided with a showreel of an edited scene shot during the course plus soundtrack & titles. As a guide, to shoot one scene in show-reel format, you would expect to pay upwards of $800. The In-Camera Course takes a practical approach in a positive, nurturing learning space. The class capacity is limited to 12 places only, ensuring all students receive dedicated training, camera time and feedback. During the In-Camera course, you will be working with scenes from modern film and television scripts.



acting masterclass sydney



Our Masterclass Series offers learning programs in a range of areas of performance and personal development. Our teaching staff and visiting professionals facilitate a range of workshops, lectures and tutorials aimed at developing skills across programs to suit those wishing to undertake training in a more condensed and specialised format.



TERMS & CONDITIONS: All course fees including deposits are non-refundable. Course transfers will only be accepted with at least two weeks notice prior to the commencement of a course. As Darlo Drama teachers are professional, working artists, we reserve the right to make last minute substitutions.