The major aim of The Actor's Lab is to introduce you to a more truthful and personalised way of connecting to your work as an actor.

Weeks one to three explore studio based exercises aimed at; creating openness and availability, identifying blocks, releasing control, finding and creating energy and opening the senses to a full and rich connection to your work.Weeks four through to nine involve an in-depth rehearsal period of a scene. Here you work in detail on; analyzing a script, interpreting punctuation and language, connecting personally to the world of the scene and listening and responding organically, truthfully and simply.

The final weeks of the course involve greater one on one time with your director, as the group is split to allow for detailed personal notes and guidance on your individual process. Your tutor is a dedicated director and acting coach, with extensive experience working with students and professional actors alike.

The Actor’s Lab is a must for those people looking at developing a rigor and reliability in their process. Importantly, the course culminates in a performance to family and friends, allowing the work from the studio to be given life in a full theatrical context. Actors Lab attracts a broad cross section of experience in its students with scenes and scene partners chosen carefully to ensure your individual development.

Minimum level of experience: Graduates of Darlo Drama Level Three or similar training and experience elsewhere.


Actors Lab Sydney School 1


Identifying blocks, connecting to your environment, creating energy between actor and stimulus, surrendering control in the work, working organically, creating life from a script, finding ease in the work & creating a full reality in the theatre.


The performance of scene work 'Studio' or 'Audit' style to an invited audience.


Glen Hamilton delivers Actors Lab. now in its tenth year at Darlo. Glen is a highly experienced teacher who brings a nurturing, insightful and encouraging approach to developing the actor's craft. Actors Lab is our most popular studio based advsnced acting course.

Actors Lab Sydney School 4 

2019 Start Dates 


First class: Thursday February 28th
Week off: Thursday March 7th
Class resumes: Thursday March 14th
Last class: Thursday April 18th
Scene work showing date: TBA

Extra rehearsals may be required by negotiation with Glen Hamilton

Actors Lab Sydney School 3


$575 (incl GST)
Paid in full prior to course commencement

TERMS & CONDITIONS:  All course fees including deposits are non-refundable. Course transfers are accepted with at least two weeks notice prior to the commencement of a course. As our teachers are professional working artists we reserve the right to make last minute substitutions.