"Somehow all the sounds that Shakespeare uses are integral to the meaning. That's why you have to capture the very sound of Shakespeare to fully understand the feelings underneath." - Cicely Berry, The Royal Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare Sessions is a course for Darlo Drama's students, professionals and actors who have studied elsewhere but are wanting to improve their classical acting skills.

Shakespeare demands your voice, heart and mind to be firing together. This course will be an introduction to speaking Shakespeare clearly, connected to your voice, thoughts and emotions. Voice coach Amanda Stephens-Lee, will help you release your resonant voice and any fear of Shakespeare to help you to be fully in the moment and present.

This course will suit students who are keen to: have some fun learning to understand and use their voices powerfully, lift their acting to the next level, overcome any fear of Shakespeare, have a Shakespearean monologue ready for auditions, or further develop their experience working on Shakespearean texts.

The first half of the course involves lots of playful explorations of your voice and Shakespeare's language whilst working on a monologue of your choice. We'll also look at the writing styles employed by Shakespeare and how this releases the character. Each student will then have the opportunity to work their monologue masterclass style front of the group. The second half of the course is working on scenes from Shakespearean plays, culminating in a group performance at our school to freinds, family and students.


Acting Shakespeare Sessions 2


The class performs monologues & scenes taken from Shakespeare's plays to an invited audience.


COURSE STARTS: Wednesday January 23rd
FINAL CLASS: Wednesday February 27th
PERFORMANCE: Friday March 1st 

$495 (incl GST)

Acting Shakespeare Sessions 5


 "Amanda teaches you to unpack Shakespeare with logic and soul. Her techniques will push you to unleash the core of the text and speak with passion. Not only will you be left with a vast appreciation for Shakespeare, but your core acting skills will be revolutionised with heavy voice work. I accomplished more in 8 weeks than I have in any other acting course." Ali

"This is such a great opportunity for every student of the theatre to embrace the language of Shakespeare under Amanda's patient and enthusiastic direction, and in the amazing space that is the Eternity Theatre." John

"Shakespeare sessions was a great way to discover or rediscover the best Shakespeare plays. It is amazing to get the feeling you can 'own' some pieces of it. Amanda’s energy and commitment was fantastic!" Julie

"A lot of energy and an open mind are needed as the work involved is intensive and full on, but all so worth it for the wow factor of knowing that in the end you can do Shakespeare, and do it well. So - as with the Nike motto - Just do it!" Raymond

"The world of Shakespeare opened itself up to me. It was like this big heavy oak Elizabethan door had been wedged shut for 400+ years and all of sudden it was flung open. Right from the very first class I became truly engrossed in the different worlds that Shakespeare created." Jeremy