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Confidence & Creativity: Unlocking your potential

Confidence and Creativity: Unlocking Your Full Potential Confidence and creativity are two essential ingredients for success, both personally and professionally. When we feel confident in our abilities and ideas, we're more likely to take risks and pursue our passions. And when we tap into our creative potential, we can come up with innovative solutions and […]

Darlo Theatre Group Members spotlight - Interview with Mickey Polon

Welcome to the Darlo Drama, Darlinghurst Acting Blog... Meet Mickey Polon, Darlo Theatre Group Member and before moving to London, a very active Darlo Community Member. Mickey has been part of the Darlo family for a while and we are so proud to have her in the Darlo family and for her following his dreams […]

Darlo Drama Acting Blog - Why performance outcomes are important...

Welcome to the Darlo Drama, Darlinghurst Acting Blog... Darlo Drama is the home of beginner acting classes in Sydney. In this Darlo Drama acting blog blog we discuss why all of our acting courses, Level One, Two, Three and The Play end with performances where friends and family are invited to celebrate our students and […]

Student spotlight interview with Jamon David

Darlo Drama is the home of beginner acting classes in Sydney. In this student spotlight interview we sit down with Level One, beginners acting graduate Jamon David who is new to Darlo Drama and now a part of our community! Student spotlight What made you decide to sign up for a beginners acting class at […]

Darlo Theatre Group Members spotlight - Interview with Kevin Ryan

We chat to Kevin Ryan about his time at Darlo!

Darlo Drama Acting Blog

Learn more about our approach to helping students uncover confidence and creativity!

Darlo Theatre Group Members Spotlight - Interview with Mel Jensen

Mel tells us about her years at Darlo Drama.

Can Fear of Public Speaking be Your Friend?

An AK47 against the temple is a pretty frightening possibility.. almost as much as standing at a lectern, palms sweating and a mind bereft of the first word of a presentation. An expectant audience waits in deafening silence. I would probably collapse in a blubbering heap in the first scenario, but when it comes to […]

The Ensemble – interview

Mark Wilson chats to us about his performance in 'Blood Moon'.

An embodied approach to professional development

The development of the individual should be a staple of any progressive and forward thinking business.

Confidence is a skill – not a gift

Inspiration rarely comes from comfort.

Crying Chair Theatre Co - Interview

We talk to Darlo Drama alumni Emma Dalton and Mel Day who started ‘Crying Chair Theatre’.

Fear of public speaking

When it comes to public speaking there are two key truths that apply...

Shakespeare - voice, body and heart

There is very good reason as to why, after hundreds of years actors and audiences alike remain drawn to the work of “The Bard”.