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darlo drama darlinghurst nsw sydney beginner acting classes theatre play
darlo drama darlinghurst nsw sydney beginner acting classes theatre play
Beginner's Acting, Level Two

Level Two: The Scene

Develop your acting skills, connect to your partner, learn your craft

Darlo Drama's beginners acting class, Level Two, is an investigation into naturalistic acting & drama techniques that will make your performances more convincing. These techniques will enable you to interpret dialogue, making the most of your script in order to complement your fellow performers on stage as well as engage your audience. The development of characters is also explored during classes.

Similar to our Level One beginners course the first few weeks of Level Two are spent exploring theatre and acting techniques through the use of drama games and improvisation exercises. Once the scripts are handed out that’s when it gets interesting as you will be working with a scene partner and find out what happens on stage when someone talks back!

Level Two course overview

Following on from Level One, Level Two classes allow a safe place for students to PLAY and EXPLORE with fun games, trust exercises and improvisation. As time goes on, your group will begin to get more COMFORTABLE, RELAXED and SPONTANEOUS. You will find confidence in self expression, learning techniques to assist with presenting in front of a group, working through “stage fright” and connecting to an audience while developing your communication skills. 

In Level Two, our expert teachers will take you on a new journey, developing around the skills you have already learnt in Level One. You will work on a scene with a partner, develop character, take direction, learn how to relate to another actor and their character.

Through the building of deeper, more authentic approaches to connecting to others and embracing a spirit of bravery and generosity will help you to find a greater sense of personal leadership and confidence through acting.

By the end of the course, you will be ready to perform on the Darlo Drama Theatre stage…it sounds daunting we know – but trust us, we are with you every step of the way! We encourage you to invite family and friends to join in celebrating your awesome achievements in a wonderfully supportive environment. And we guarantee that you will love it - there is nothing quite like the buzz of the audience’s applause when you are under the stage lights!

Beginners acting, Level Two course focus

Playing an action and objective, obstacles & relationships, given circumstances & beats, subtext, characterisation and engagement of your partner.

Level Two course outcome

At the conclusion of the course you will perform your scene to an audience of family, friends & fellow students on our Studio Theatre stage.

Our other courses

Level One, Two and Three requires attendance at one class per week for three hours at the same time each week.

Level One – The Monologue (8 sessions including 1 performance)

Level Two – The Scene (9 sessions including 1 performance)

Level Three – The Story (11 sessions including 2 performances)

Once you have completed Level One the subsequent Level's can be completed at any time. There is no obligation to complete all Levels but we do recommend not leaving too long in between to keep your momentum of learning going. 

Course requirements

To participate in Level Two at Darlo Drama, you must have completed Level One with us or an equivalent elsewhere.

All students must be over 18 years of age at the start of the course.

How to book our courses

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Fees and charges for Level Two at Darlo Drama

Level One Course fee: $665.00

Not ready to jump in just yet? Why not try our FREE Intro to beginners acting class via zoom which runs on the first Wednesday of every month. You can sign up HERE!

Our courses are aimed to help you build confidence, read our interview with The Big Smoke, all about presenting with passion HERE

Beginner's Acting, Level Two

Level Two: The Scene

Develop your acting skills, connect to your partner, learn your craft

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