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Advanced Acting

The Play

From page to stage

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The Play is an Advanced Acting class in Sydney at Darlo Drama where you will discover the thrill of performing a full length play, taking a script from page to stage!

The focus of this course, is the rehearsal and performance of a contemporary theatre production, staged in the Darlo Drama Theatre across a season of THREE performances with full set and lighting showing you what its like to be an actor under the stage lights!

Open to people who have completed Levels One, Two & Three with Darlo Drama or similar courses elsewhere, this course will ask new things of you as an actor and will challenge you in wonderful and empowering ways.

You will gain a fundamental understanding and experience of the processes involved in staging an entire play, from rehearsal & interpretation to performance.

Working as an ensemble, blocking & script analysis is also developed in this course under the guidance of your Industry relevant Director. Our directors are all trained actors and have been teaching and directing in Sydney for longer than we can remember so you will be guided through the process under a wealth of knowledge!

The three performance structure of this course provides essential learning and experience around the development of your individual performance craft over multiple shows in front of audience. This course can be repeated as each new play uses different scripts, each with their unique challenges and learning opportunities.


Taking direction, structure, script analysis, the arc of the play, working as an ensemble, stage work & blocking.


Three Performances to family and friends at Darlo Drama Theatre.


Varies depending on script. See individual course details.

*We endeavour to use scripts that have equal performance and learning opportunities for each student, however casting decisions are at the discretion of your Director.

Our Courses

If you have no prior experience we recommend starting with Level One, followed by Level Two and Three which all require attendance at one class per week for three hours at the same time each week. These courses will help to build your skills and then you can participate in The Play, Actors Lab and Actors Process.

Level One – The Monologue (8 weeks + performance)

Level Two – The Scene (9 weeks + performance)

Level Three – The Story (10 weeks + performance)

Actors Lab (4 x 4 hour weekly sessions)

Actors Process (4 x 4 hour weekly sessions)

Once you have completed Level One the subsequent Level's can be completed at any time. There is no obligation to complete all Levels but we do recommend not leaving too long in between to keep your momentum of learning going. 

Upcoming The Play

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