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Our People

Our teachers, consultants and directors bring a wealth of experience to your corporate training programs with extensive experience including:

  • Drama For Confidence facilitators
  • Public Speaking and presentation skills workshop leaders
  • Training package designers and leaders with Vocational Training qualifications and experience.
  • Experienced Corporate Training professionals
  • Corporate film and on-line media creators
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Our Offering

We offer a range of CORE PROGRAMS to develop creativity, confidence & communication skills to people in business as well as TAILOR-MADE TRAINING PACKAGES to meet the specific needs of your company held at the newly refurbished 200 seat Eternity Playhouse Theatre in Darlinghurst – or at your workplace.

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshops
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Drama for Confidence & Creativity
  • Tailor-Made Programs

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshops

  • Speech writing and delivery
  • Presenting to an audience
  • Dealing with nervousness and “stage fright”
  • Delivering a compelling message
  • Voice projection
  • Body Language

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Saturday 16th September 10am-4pm

FULL day interactive workshop to develop your confidence and skills to construct, prepare and deliver presentations in the workplace. Drawing on techniques actors use, this Program is especially designed for professionals who want to engage, influence and impact their audiences. Held at our new premises at Oxford Square in Darlinghurst.

Early-Bird Price Before Saturday 2nd September: $150 + GST
2016/ 2017 Darlo Drama Students: $150 + GST
Full Price: $200 + GST
Group Booking Discount for Five Participants: $500 + GST


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An AK47 against the temple is a pretty frightening possibility.. almost as much as standing at a lectern, palms sweating and a mind bereft of the first word of a presentation. An expectant audience waits in deafening silence.

When it comes to public speaking there are two key truths that apply. Firstly, standing in front of a group of people and delivering a speech is something we are not wired to do as adults. The second involves the notion of confidence. Confidence is a skill, not a gift. Each of us, regardless of temperament or personality can LEARN confidence. An acknowledgement of these two elements allows us to safely and boldly lean into the discomfort of speaking in public.

Stage fright and nerves might seem to be something that resides in the mind. Thoughts of doubt, your inner critic and audience expectation can fill our awareness, stripping us of the ability to just release and trust our capacity to communicate with others. The mind may be the source of this restriction, but the body provides the solution. In years of working with actors, this concept forms the base of the development of process and the craft of performing. The body holds the key to learning confidence.

We all grew up around story telling. As three year olds we were infinitely able to embody a story without fear or doubt. In the big bad adult world it is easy to escape this skill that each of us were born with, but knowing that this ability was intrinsic to who we were, means it is simply a case of re-learning an old skill. When we accept this approach is when the bubbling energy of fear becomes a source of inspiration and engagement. 

The adult then returns to where it all began - and sees the place for the first time with grown up eyes.

The Masterclass will be held at our new premises at Oxford Square in Darlinghurst.

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Drama for Creativity & Confidence

  • Self expression
  • Team and morale building
  • Self confidence
  • A sense of play and irreverence
  • Awakening creativity
  • Having fun

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Tailor Made Training Packages

Our trainers and corporate partners can create training packages to meet your business needs in areas including:


  • Company induction videos
  • WHS training
  • Customer service case study videos
  • Company and brand profiling
  • Product and service information
Roleplay Demonstrations

Tailor Made Training Packages


  • Communicating to personality types
  • Customer service
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership and coaching
  • Cultural diversity
  • Gender diversity
  • Customer case studies
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Tailor Made Training Packages


  • Delivering compelling presentations
  • Selling your product
  • Communicating your message
  • Empathy and your customer
  • Building confidence
  • Voice, body language and a strong message

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