Corporate Programs

Darlo Drama Director Glen Hamilton has a long history of developing training products in the community, corporate, vocational and higher education sectors. His work has included developing courses for both ASQA and TEQSA accreditation, as well as working to design programs for some of Australia’s largest organisations, right through to smaller businesses looking to develop their workforce.

Darlo Drama offers a range of CORE PROGRAMS designed to develop skills and knowledge in key areas, as well as the expertise to design and structure learning in TAILOR MADE programs to meet a diversity of needs in the business environment.


Presenting with Confidence
Creativity, Connection and Teamwork
Coaching and Leadership for Supervisors
Communication and Conflict Resolution
TAILOR MADE PROGRAMS are available upon request to meet the specific training needs of your organisation.

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Some of our clients include Commonwealth Bank of Australia, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Sussex Australasia

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