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Creative Writing with Alison Rooke

Writing from scratch – Discover your voice – Tell your story

Whether you’re yearning to write a play or test the waters of screenwriting, this is the course for you. Over four weeks we’ll explore the basics of character development, structure, creating dramatic tension and editing your script plus learn a little more about the film and theatre industries.

WEEK 1 – Start from the beginning: who are you writing about? Character development and research
WEEK 2 – Learn the nuts and bolts: film script and play script structures revealed. How do you discover the plot?
WEEK 3 – Create some tension: how do you discover dramatic conflict and why do you need it for your story to work?
WEEK 4 – Discover tips and tricks: dramaturgy and script editing explained. What is constructive feedback? How do you overcome writer’s block? Why is editing so important? What do I do next with my script?

This course has no current classes. Please to be notified of vacancies and similar courses.