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Our Improvisation classes are for beginners, intermediate and rusty others.

The 6 sessions offers actors an opportunity to explore and refresh the Improvisation foundation skills; offering, yielding, advancing, extending, finding focus, making transitions, emotional and status endowment, playing a sub text, pursuing an objective, exploring body language indicators and improvised scene work. A clear step by step Impro ‘nuts and bolts’ foundation gives actors the vocabulary and skills to demystify Improvisation.

When we know how it works, we can use it. Impro is a useful tool for every actor. It is the ‘glue’ that connects our skills. It is the oil of our craft.
Impro skills sharpen our listening, build confidence, timing, encourage risk taking, reactions and allow us live in the moment, find the inventor and problem solver in ourselves. The skills are practical and apply to; devising theatre, developing a character, unpacking text, monologues, scenes, auditions, rehearsal processes, comedy and drama. The feedback is immediate. The results are tangible.

Lyn is very pleased to be part of the Darlo Drama 2019 program.

Thursday March 14th to Thursday April 18th
630PM – 930PM

Full Price: $395 (incl GST)

This course has no current classes. Please to be notified of vacancies and similar courses.