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Beginners Acting - The Monologue (Level 1)

Beginners Acting - The Monologue (Level 1)

Build confidence – Express yourself – Meet new people

Beginners Acting – The Monologue (Level 1)

Darlo Drama’s Level One beginners acting course runs one night a week over eight weeks followed by a weekend evening performance to family and friends in our Studio Theatre.

The course starts gently, allowing a safe place for everyone to play and explore with fun acting and drama games, trust exercises and improvisation. By the second week the group begins to get much more comfortable with each other, more relaxed and spontaneous.

In week three a monologue is chosen for you from our library and the focus of the course shifts to working with the script, developing character, voice projection and taking direction. This allows you to really get “under the skin” of the character and apply your newly found confidence and creative impulses to a monologue.

Then you perform…it sounds daunting we know – but trust us! We are with you every step of the way. You can invite your family and friends to join in celebrating your achievements. Our performances are a great environment and there is nothing like the buzz of the audience’s applause.

Creativity, Voice & Movement, Ensemble Work, Improvisation, Imagination & Performance, Developing Performance Confidence & Script Work.

At the conclusion of the course you will perform a monologue taken from a modern play to an audience of family, friends & fellow students on our Studio Theatre stage.

$565 Limited inc GST
Beginners Acting - The Monologue (Level 1)

<h3 id="BuildconfidenceExpressyourselfMeetnewpeople">Build confidence – Express yourself – Meet new people</h3><p>Beginners Acting – The Monologue (Level 1)</p><p>Darlo Drama’s Level One beginners

COURSE BEGINS: Mon Feb 17th (630PM – 930PM)
FINAL CLASS: Mon Apr 6th, 2020 (630PM – 930PM)
PERFORMANCE: Monday April 13th at 8PM

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Course testimonials:

  • It was an amazing experience learning from Amanda who created a very safe space for all of us to try this art. The scripts given to us for the monologue were quite on point. The various techniques used in each of the classes really helped add layers to our characters. Definitely enrolling for level 2.
  • I loved Darlo Drama course! I have decide to do few things that get me out of my comfort zone this year and doing the course was the best decision I did. I was definetaly out of my comfort zone every Wednesday evening but after each class I felt happy. The way Debra run the course is fun, entertaining and makes you very creative in short time. I would definitely recomend Darlo Drama course for everyone. Thank you
  • It was such a fun course that was a challenge at the same time. Deborah was so good at making people feel comfortable to try anything!