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Beginners Acting - The Monologue

Beginners Acting - The Monologue

Step into confidence, creativity and community

The first FOUR weeks...
Darlo Drama’s Level One Beginners Acting course starts gently, allowing a safe place for everyone to play and explore with fun acting and drama games, trust exercises and improvisation. By the second week the group begins to get much more comfortable with each other, more relaxed and spontaneous. Here you begin to find greater confidence in self expression and a sense of play and exploration. Techniques to assist with presenting in front of a group, working through “stage fright” and connecting to an audience will develop your communication skills. Through the building of deeper, more authentic approaches to connecting to others and embracing a spirit of bravery and generosity will help you to find a greater sense of personal leadership and confidence through acting.

The next FOUR weeks plus Your Performance...

By week five you can expect that the acting bug has well and truly bitten! So from here we take your new found confidence and creativity and begin to apply acting techniques and exercises to the performance of a monologue. At this point the course shifts toward working with the script, developing character, voice projection and taking direction. This allows you to really get “under the skin” of the character and to enliven your imagination into the world of your character

In week 8 you will have your final class and then on a separate night you will perform in the Darlo Drama Theatre…it sounds daunting we know – but trust us! We are with you every step of the way. You can invite your family and friends to join in celebrating your achievements. Our performances are a great environment and there is nothing like the buzz of the audience’s applause.

Pay in full now upon enrolment $585

Creativity, Presenting, Voice & Movement, Ensemble Work, Improvisation, Imagination & Performance, Developing Performance Confidence & Script Work.

At the conclusion of the course you will perform a monologue taken from a modern play to an audience of family, friends & fellow students on the Darlo Drama Theatre stage.

$585 Limited inc GST
Beginners Acting - The Monologue

<h3 id="Stepintoconfidencecreativityandcommunity">Step into confidence, creativity and community</h3><p>The first FOUR weeks...<br/>Darlo Drama’s Level One Beginners Acting course starts gently,

COURSE BEGINS: Mon Aug 9 (630PM – 930PM)
COURSE CONCLUDES: Mon Sept 27 (630PM – 930PM)

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Course testimonials:

  • Thank you Amanda for the most wonderful experience. I'd been told I'd be in good hands at Darlo Drama but the course exceeded all my expectations in spades. Amanda created such a safe space in which to learn how to be fully present with others, and it was amazing to see how much this laid the foundations for everyone in the class to discover new things about ourselves and really thrive. I expected to step out of my comfort zone and learn some new skills but never could have anticipated what a positive effect the course would have on my mental health. Can't wait for level 2 to start!
  • I had an amazing experience and got out of my comfort zone. Thanks to my teacher Amanda for her guidance and support.
  • I admired Pat's ability to lead a class of diverse individuals. I appreciate the craft of acting a lot more. Visualisation has been a great thing to learn. KS