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Beginners Acting - The Introduction

Step ONE into confidence, creativity and community.

The first FOUR weeks...

Darlo Drama’s Beginners Acting Intro course starts gently, allowing a safe place for everyone to play and explore with fun acting and drama games, trust exercises and improvisation. By the second week the group begins to get much more comfortable with each other, more relaxed and spontaneous. Here you begin to find greater confidence in self expression and a sense of play and exploration. Techniques to assist with presenting in front of a group, working through “stage fright” and connecting to an audience will develop your communication skills. Through the building a deeper, more authentic approaches to connecting to others and embracing a spirit of bravery and generosity will help you to find a greater sense of personal leadership and confidence.

Step TWO into confidence, creativity and community.

The next FIVE weeks...

After you have completed week FOUR of the intro, you can continue directly into Beginners Acting Step Two (The monologue), which completes your beginners acting journey! Book via

$289 Limited inc GST
Beginners Acting - The Introduction

<h4 id="StepONEintoconfidencecreativityandcommunity">Step ONE into confidence, creativity and community.</h4><h5 id="ThefirstFOURweeks">The first FOUR weeks...</h5><p>Darlo Drama’s Beginners Acting


COURSE START: Wed Oct 21 (630PM – 930PM)
LAST CLASS: Wed Nov 11 (630PM – 930PM)

Beginners Acting Step Two follows directly on from this course. You can enrol in both courses at once by selecting both Intro and The Monologue. Make sure you select the course dates that carry on from your intro dates.

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