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Intermediate Acting - The Story (Level 3)

Intermediate Acting - The Story (Level 3)

Refine your skills – Play multiple characters – Deepen your craft

Intermediate Acting – The Story (Level 3)

Level Three involves the production of a series of scenes from several plays, with each actor exploring multiple characters and relationships. Performance craft is extended through this course by experiencing a TWO show performance in our Studio Theatre to an audience. Level Three builds your skills and knowledge to prepare to embark on the rehearsal and performance of a full play, equipping you with a solid acting craft to apply to a theatre production. Open to people who have completed Levels One & Two with Darlo Drama or similar courses elsewhere, Level Three gives you a fundamental understanding & experience of the processes involved in staging theatre, from rehearsal to performance. Working as an ensemble, blocking & script analysis is also developed in this course.

This course will introduce you to the process of performance craft and stamina. The TWO performance structure of this course will build the skills required in performing the same show twice!

Taking direction, play structure, script analysis, working as an Ensemble and stage work & blocking.

TWO performances of a series of scenes from several different plays on our Studio Theatre stage.

*We endeavour to use scripts that have equal roles but there is no guarantee of the size of the roles you will be cast in.

This course has no current classes. Please to be notified of vacancies and similar courses.

Course testimonials:

  • The class went beyond just an acting class. I've met wonderful and really interesting people, all of them have their great talents and it was awesome to work TOGETHER on creating a show for a real audience. The Darlo family is truly providing an experience, not just for me but also to my friends. That's fantastic! Overall, awesome experience, big thanks for that to the entire Darlo team!
  • The high quality of the tutor/director. The staff who make it all happen and the friends I made along the way.
  • The exhilaration I received from performing, the sense of cameraderie, and the personal growth.