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Level Two - The Scene

Level Two - The Scene

Develop your acting skills – Connect to your partner – Learn your craft

Darlo Drama’s Level Two Acting course is an investigation into naturalistic acting & drama techniques that will make your performances more convincing. These techniques will enable you to interpret dialogue, making the most of your script in order to complement your fellow performers on stage as well as engage your audience. The development of characters is also explored during classes.

Like Level One the first few weeks are spent exploring theatre and acting techniques through the use of drama games and improvisation exercises. Once the scripts are handed out that’s when it gets interesting as you will be working with a scene partner and find out what happens on stage when someone talks back!

Playing an action & objective, obstacles & relationships, given circumstances & beats, subtext, characterisation and engagement of your partner.

At the conclusion of the course you will perform your scene to an audience of family, friends & fellow students on our Studio Theatre stage.

$595 Limited inc GST
Level Two - The Scene

<h3 id="DevelopyouractingskillsConnecttoyourpartnerLearnyourcraft">Develop your acting skills – Connect to your partner – Learn your craft</h3><p>Darlo Drama’s Level Two Acting course is an

Starts: Wednesday September 4th
Last class: Wednesday October 30th
PERFORMANCE: Thursday October 31st

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Course testimonials:

  • I enjoyed this course very much and Sean is such a great tutor. I look forward to furthering my skills in future classes!
  • Getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people. It’s just a great feel all over. Great experience
  • Had a great time in the level 2 course at Darlo Drama. It’s a lovely community with great tutors and nice informal classes. Great to do as an avenue for self expression and gaining confidence in front of an audience. Can’t wait to get back on stage :)