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The Members Studio Production

Darlo Theatre Group Members Only Indie Theatre

The Members Studio Production is a celebration and acknowledgement of our member’s commitment to their learning at Darlo Drama. Our school attracts absolute beginners from all walks of life and for many, their love of acting and theatre takes them on a journey through our advanced courses and performances into well developed and crafted performers. It is for these people that The Darlo Theatre Group Members Studio Show was designed.

The company of actors are guided through the process of producing, covering everything from budgeting, production design, marketing and scheduling. The initial operating budget for the production is raised equally amongst each of the actors and then at the conclusion of the performance run, 80% ticket revenue is distributed back to the company of actors.

Who forms your company actors is up to you! Strong bonds are forged by actors in the membership community, so this is your chance to “find your tribe” of like-minded, talented and committed actors willing to collaborate together on a production.

Start reading! When you are forming your company of actors, think about plays that compliment your strengths and your casting. There are no shortage of great plays to sink your teeth into. If you choose to work in a smaller cast then this opens up the possibilities even further – or if you want to tackle something a bit more epic – then a large cast means less upfront cost and more friends and family to invite to the shows. Either way – the decision is yours!

This production is reserved strictly for Darlo Theatre Group Members.

As an independent production, a performance run of 6 shows across two weekends. All performances are held at the Darlo Drama Studio Theatre.

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