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The Play

The Play


The main focus of The Play is the rehearsal and performance of a contemporary theatre production, staged in the Darlo Drama Studio Theatre across a season of THREE performances.

Open to people who have completed Levels One, Two & Three with Darlo Drama or similar courses elsewhere, The Play gives you a fundamental understanding & experience of the processes involved in staging an entire play, from rehearsal & interpretation to performance. Working as an ensemble, blocking & script analysis is also developed in this course under the guidance of your Director.

The three performance structure of this course provides essential learning and experience around the development of your individual performance craft over multiple shows in front of audience. This course can be repeated as each new play uses different scripts, each with their unique challenges and learning opportunities.

FOCUS – Taking direction, structure, script analysis, the arc of the play, working as an ensemble, stage work & blocking.

OUTCOME – Three Performances to family and friends at Darlo Drama Studio Theatre

MAXIMUM STUDENTS – Varies depending on script. See individual course details.

*We endeavour to use scripts that have equal performance and learning opportunities for each student, however casting decisions are at the discretion of your Director.

$699 Limited inc GST
The Play

<h3 id="FROMPAGETOSTAGEANDBEYOND">FROM PAGE TO STAGE AND BEYOND</h3><p>The main focus of The Play is the rehearsal and performance of a contemporary theatre production, staged in the Darlo Drama

Play reading/casting: Tuesday September 24th 630pm – 930pm
Rehearsal dates: Every Tues from Oct 1 to Tues Nov 19, 630pm – 930pm
Additional days: Sat Oct 26, Sat Nov 2, Sat Nov 9, Sat Nov 16 all 10am – 1pm
Tech and dress rehearsal: Thurs Nov 21 630pm – 930pm
Perform: Fri Nov 22 7pm, Sat Nov 23 at 7pm and Sun 24 Nov at 5pm

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Course testimonials:

  • It was so great being part of this production - this course is such a great opportunity to work towards actually putting a play on, while getting feedback on acting, craft etc and experience in the meantime. So great!
  • An excellent coach in Amanda, who encourages creativity, and helps develop confidence and trust towards the work