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Darlo Drama Acting Blog - Why performance outcomes are important...

Blog / Darlo Drama Acting Blog - Why performance outcomes are important...

Welcome to the Darlo Drama, Darlinghurst Acting Blog...

Darlo Drama is the home of beginner acting classes in Sydney. In this Darlo Drama acting blog blog we discuss why all of our acting courses, Level One, Two, Three and The Play end with performances where friends and family are invited to celebrate our students and their work!

Why is a performance integral to the full experience of an acting course?

Many actors are introverts. There is a great misconception that an actor is born with exuberant confidence where performing in front of people comes completely naturally. This is, in most cases, not so. What actors LEARN to do, is to choose to LEAN GENTLY INTO DISCOMFORT, to accept nerves and hesitancy as normal, but to CHOOSE bravery. 

A beginners acting course is incomplete without allowing each student the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge from classes and to do this in front of an audience of family, friends, teachers and students.

If I were to learn to play tennis - YES I can develop my technique on a court, being served balls by my coach - but I never really know the game until I PLAY THE GAME. An acting class develops a range of skills and knowledge for each student, but just like my tennis lessons, I MUST step onto the stage. Only then do I truly EXPERIENCE the embodied learning that acting AND performing provides.Without the game - we are merely theoretical technicians. On the court (stage) is where the magic happens.

How does an Acting class at Darlo Drama help someone discover their confidence?

We are not hard wired to stand up and perform in front of people. We have all heard, and many of us felt, that our greatest fear other than death, is public speaking. Confidence is a SKILL which can be learned, not a GIFT bestowed upon the extroverts of this world. Anyone and everyone can LEARN confidence. The first step in this journey is to accept and acknowledge fear. Sometimes fear may be a small particle of dust, barely visible, sometimes a mountain in front of us. When it comes to performing, giving speeches or presenting, we are required to be on display - to open ourselves to criticism or ridicule.

The essence of the fear rests here. Learning to act, even for a beginner, is learning to be free. It allows us to embrace being silly, find honesty around others and sit comfortably in our own unique and beautiful skin. Acting classes are about using our imagination, voices and bodies in ways that we have forgotten to do. We were all three year olds at some point! So in that sense, acting classes are not so much about learning something new - but more about re-learning what we already knew. 

Confidence is a SKILL - Bravery is a CHOICE. This is for people of all ages, all walks of life, introverts and extroverts alike. The acting class is a community where we celebrate each other - and relish in our differences.

A little about Darlo Dram and our ethos...

We create a space for you to have lots of fun and this course is perfect if you have always wanted to try acting or if you wish to discover it again after a long break.

Over the last 30 years, we have proudly developed a team of very supportive, engaging tutors that have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We will help you to build confidence, feel at ease in front of an audience, whether in a professional or social setting, and introduce you to lots of tools that you can use on stage and in your also apply to your daily life.

Are you a student that wants to participate in a Student spotlight interview? Get in touch with us via We'd love to chat!

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Not ready to jump in just yet? Why not try our FREE Intro to beginners acting class via zoom which runs on the first Wednesday of every month. You can sign up HERE!

Our courses are aimed to help you build confidence, read our interview with The Big Smoke, all about presenting with passion

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