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Darlo Theatre Group Members spotlight - Interview with Mickey Polon

Blog / Darlo Theatre Group Members spotlight - Interview with Mickey Polon

Welcome to the Darlo Drama, Darlinghurst Acting Blog...

Meet Mickey Polon, Darlo Theatre Group Member and before moving to London, a very active Darlo Community Member. Mickey has been part of the Darlo family for a while and we are so proud to have her in the Darlo family and for her following his dreams in London. Check out our interview below...

How long have you been part of the Darlo Drama community?

About 2 and a half years!

What drew you to Acting classes at Darlo Drama in the first place?

I really wanted to be apart of a warm and welcoming theatre community. At the time of joining, I had just graduated from University and was heavily involved in the theatre scene at university, but once I had graduated that part of my life was missing. After a bit of a Google search, I came across Darlo Drama! The amount of classes and other things they had to offer drew me in. I also really wanted to deepen my understanding in acting and script work, and learn new techniques for developing characters. Next thing you know I booked myself into the Actors Lab course with Glen Hamilton and I’m so glad I did!

What are the Acting classes at Darlo Drama like?

They’re so much fun! Warm, welcoming, judgement free and very much tailored to the groups needs and wants. It’s a chance to let go of your inhibitions, meet like-minded people and just enjoy learning a new skill/growing as a performer. 

How has acting affected your everyday life i.e. work, interactions etc?

It has definitely helped with my confidence! Speaking in front of large groups is no longer tormenting and I can think on my feet much easier. Darlo Drama also gave me the push I needed to have the confidence and skills to direct a show myself! 

What has been your favorite course and why?

Actors Lab with Glen! I learnt so much about creating authentic characters on stage and how to literally just let go and feel each moment, which I never realised how important that is when it comes to acting/performing. 

Are you performing in anything coming up?

Not at the moment! I’ve recently moved to London and slowly making my way into the theatre world over here! But I’ve previously performed in 2 plays with Darlo Drama and directed my own full length musical which happened earlier this year right before I left! 

If you had any advice for someone who was thinking about joining the Darlo Drama community, what would you say to them?

DO IT! You don’t realise how much acting helps you as a person with everyday life. The community at Darlo is also so welcoming and everyone is celebrated which has been so wonderful to be a part of. I promise you will be hooked after your first class! 

A little bit about Darlo Drama...

We create a space for you to have lots of fun and this course is perfect if you have always wanted to try acting or if you wish to discover it again after a long break.

Over the last 30 years, we have proudly developed a team of very supportive, engaging tutors that have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We will help you to build confidence, feel at ease in front of an audience, whether in a professional or social setting, and introduce you to lots of tools that you can use on stage and in your also apply to your daily life.

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