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Student spotlight interview with Jamon David

Blog / Student spotlight interview with Jamon David

Darlo Drama is the home of beginner acting classes in Sydney. In this student spotlight interview we sit down with Level One, beginners acting graduate Jamon David who is new to Darlo Drama and now a part of our community!

Student spotlight

What made you decide to sign up for a beginners acting class at Darlo Drama?

I’ve seen and loved a few performances at Darlo and saw the beginners course and thought “why not!”

If someone was deciding to come to Darlo for the first time, what would you tell them?

You're going to have more fun than you realise and get some great insights on acting skills and techniques.

We are proudly the home of beginners acting since 1992 making confidence and creativity our aim for students - what areas of your life do you think this approach has helped you with?

I feel that creativity helps me tackle a range of hurdles in my personal and professional life and once you overcome said hurdles your confidence builds.

Particularly when you’ve come up with a creative solution to a problem you might have thought was “too big”. It was great to see that some of the people in our course were there through their work to help give them a new range of skills that they could incorporate into their working lives.

Have you done anything like an acting course before?

I've done therapy! Does that count?

What was it like to perform to family and friends on the Darlo Theatre Stage?

I was quite excited. We were all well prepared and ready to go by the time it came to the performance. There is nothing like the thrill of showing off all your hard work too.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

It was great to get to know the other people in the course, their backgrounds, motivations and perspectives. We all got along really well too.

Thanks so much for being part of our student spotlight Jamon, its been great having you as part of the Darlo Drama community!

A little about Darlo Dram and our ethos...

We create a space for you to have lots of fun and this course is perfect if you have always wanted to try acting or if you wish to discover it again after a long break.

Over the last 30 years, we have proudly developed a team of very supportive, engaging tutors that have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We will help you to build confidence, feel at ease in front of an audience, whether in a professional or social setting, and introduce you to lots of tools that you can use on stage and in your also apply to your daily life.

Are you a student that wants to participate in a Student spotlight interview? Get in touch with us via We'd love to chat!

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