Stuck for ideas on a good birthday gift for your partner, friend, work colleague?

Stuck for ideas on a good birthday gift for your partner, friend, work colleague?

stuck for ideas

A Darlo Drama voucher could be just the ticket: taking part in one of our courses is different, it’s fun, it’s challenging.

Most people may think that acting’s not for them – that it’s a game reserved for young people; that employment in the profession is tough (we won’t lie; it is); that it’s not really something that adults learn from scratch. But there’s so much more to performing and understanding the craft of acting and theatre than getting your picture taken and auditioning for a soft drink commercial.

We have a range of different courses in which you (or the recipient of your gift card) can take part, including [[Intermediate Acting – The Story (Level 3); Beginners Acting – The Monologue; Intermediate Acting – The Scene (Level 2); Beginners Acting – The Monologue ONLINE; Beginners Acting – The Introduction; Actors Lab; Actors Process](]and more.

Taking the courses will allow you to learn in a safe place to play and explore with fun acting and drama games, trust exercises and improvisation. You’ll find greater confidence in self-expression as well as a sense of play and exploration. Our techniques will allow you to work towards conquering your stage fright, and developing your communication skills through connecting with an audience.

With the time spent exploring theatre and acting techniques through the use of drama games and improvisation exercises, you’ll find your place in the spotlight, and in doing so, hopefully find your voice, your confidence, and a love of performance in the theatre.
The fact is that anyone can train to be an actor, because anyone can learn the skills that the craft requires. Know that everyone can learn to paint, but not everyone is going to be Cezanne. So too with acting: you’re not likely to stumble upon a Darlo Drama workshop and within weeks be hailed as the hair-apparent to Daniel Day Lewis. We can’t rule it out, but it’s … unlikely.

It’s certainly going to be an easier journey for you if you’re mentally predisposed to performing; not necessarily an in-built talent for acting, more of an element of ‘the performer’ within your own character. You may speak with greater volume, or are unafraid to speak among strangers. Again, you don’t have to have these traits built in. But we can help you get there.

One of, or several of our courses will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. We don’t want you to change; we don’t want you rebuilt from the inside-out. We want to harness the ability you already have and let it come out and dazzle all who see it. We are with you every step of the way.