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An embodied approach to professional development

Blog / An embodied approach to professional development

Left Brain/Right Brain

The development of the individual should be a staple of any progressive and forward thinking business. This can be approached by providing opportunities for knowledge based training, where content is delivered in a left-brain manner, soliciting the acquisition of facts and figures, intellectual strategies or techniques. As we can see through our education system, this type of learning provides outcomes for some, but for many, learning has to be tailored to meet those specific needs of the learner. Many of us, don’t retain information in this manner, nor do we develop the impetus to affect change in our behaviours or approaches to our work.

Embodied training is focussed on the experiential – training mechanisms that create learning by doing.

This method of learning works on the premise that by experiencing we can grow and develop. The current economy spruiks the value of innovation and creativity – two elements of human function that are for the most part, right brain functions. Akin to artistic endeavours, these ways of thinking need to be developed through less linear learning systems.

To train the creative mind, we must disenthrall ourselves from standardised knowledge based training and open up our class rooms to learning that values embodiment. Once we come to terms with this in our businesses is when we will be able to address professional development that serves the varied needs of the learner.

Darlo Drama has been a training provider of experiential acting and corporate training programs since 1992.

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