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Darlo Drama Acting Blog

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Welcome to the Darlo Drama acting blog!

What makes Darlo Drama proudly the home of best for beginners acting in Sydney since 1992?

With a 30 year history of teaching acting to people from all walks of life, Darlo Drama has a distinct pedigree of training that is aimed at supporting adult beginners on their journey into acting and performance. Our specialised courses work to build confidence, to enliven creativity and to create a community of like minded people with a passion for self expression and fun!

Our approach is GENTLE and NURTURING. Performing in front of people, even friends and family is a daunting task. This fear does however bring with it an opportunity to celebrate the achievement of finding the confidence to lean gently beyond your comfort zone and find your unique sense of self expression. Our teachers are seasoned professionals, all of whom have a long lineage of guiding our students toward this place of self achievement and accomplishment.

To PERFORM ON STAGE is integral to this process. Stepping bravely onto our intimate theatre stage is the capstone of this experience. Nothing is greater than the opportunity to share new found confidence and freedom in front of a supportive audience of fellow students, teachers, friends and family. When you step ON STAGE, you are never alone, you learn to embrace challenge and relish in the joy of an AUDIENCE APPLAUSE.

This is why Darlo Drama has enjoyed the status as "Best for Beginners" since 1992. 

We celebrate the INDIVIDUAL, we encourage and nurture, and most of all we give those new to acting the chance to SHARE, PERFORM and claim their BRAVERY.  

This is YOUR JOURNEY. We look forward to welcoming you. 

Our next Level One Course starts soon, find the details here -

Not ready to dive in just yet? We offer a free Intro to Acting via zoom on the first Wednesday of every month, sign up for our next Free intro here -

A little bit about the Darlo Drama ethos...

We create a space for you to have lots of fun and this course is perfect if you have always wanted to try acting or if you wish to discover it again after a long break.

Over the last 30 years, we have proudly developed a team of very supportive, engaging tutors that have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We will help you to build confidence, feel at ease in front of an audience, whether in a professional or social setting, and introduce you to lots of tools that you can use on stage and in your also apply to your daily life.

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