What Our Students Say About Darlo Drama

“Apart from jumping out of a plane and giving birth (on separate occasions), Darlo Drama Level Three was the best fun of my life.” Mimi Parfitt – Writer

“Darlo Drama gave me a renewed faith in myself to stand up in front of an audience. You are treated as an adult whilst the child inside you is slowly but surely coaxed out.” Rebecca Cartledge – Lawyer

“Darlo Drama has provided me with loads of enjoyment and learning over the past seven years. All my teachers have been absolutely wonderful, innovative, knowledgeable and supportive.” Pauline Gardner – Sales

“I'd recommend the classes to those who've always wanted to do drama, but were never quite sure they could. It's a great introduction to acting, and it's achieved in a really fun and enjoyable way.” Debbie Valdaz – Architect

“I am not an actor, so I joined purely for fun. The teachers made us all feel instantly comfortable, and I made a lot of friends along the way.” Fuji Teodosio- Student

“Venue: tops. Teachers: excellent. All over: brilliant.” Jon Glass- Consultant

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